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A plea to the nations

Amnesty International has asked all bloggers “to highlight the plight of fellow bloggers jailed for what they wrote in their online journals.” It seems that in many countries, writing a blog post can land you in prison. I hope this isn’t one of those countries. Just in case it is, I want everyone to know that I didn’t really mean those things I said about Dan Brown.

So, in response to Amnesty International’s request, and with more than a hint of self-interest, here’s my appeal to all national governments:

Please don’t throw people in jail for expressing opinions on their blogs. That’s not nice.

It’s also wrong. People have a natural right to make their own choices and have their own opinions. They even have the right to have the wrong opinions.

But if you ask me why they should have that right, I’m a little less sure of what to say. I know the answer, but it’s a Judeo-Christian answer.

Human freedom is so important that God himself designed it into creation. Being omnipotent, God could have made creatures who would always do his will. Instead, he gave us our own wills and told us to make the right choices. Of course we didn’t. We made spectacularly wrong choices. But God allowed us to do that—not because he didn’t love us, but because he did love us, with a love beyond anything we can imagine.

He loved us so much that he allowed us to run away from him, like rebellious children. But in our hearts, we know that it’s not natural to be apart from God. That’s what the Holy Grail romances are about: that inborn knowledge that something’s not right, and our longing to come back to God.

So remember in your prayers all the people who are in jail for expressing their opinions. Especially remember them if they’re in jail for expressing wrong opinions. Those are the people who need our prayers the most.

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  2. Pauli Says:

    Hear, hear! Thanks, Christopher.

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  5. Frenchie Says:

    Home run! Great sluggnig with that answer!

  6. aafneb Says:

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