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Arthur fights apartheid

Why were the British so completely displaced by the English in what we know as England? This is a question we haven’t asked yet in our search for the historical Arthur, but this BBC report suggests some very interesting answers.

To summarize, it seems that the English invaders established a kind of “apartheid” system that kept them from interbreeding with the conquered natives. The powerful economic advantages they had (Gildas tells us that the Britons who did not escape the English became their slaves) made the English breed much faster, with more of their children surviving to adulthood. In a few hundred years, the British had disappeared almost entirely, except in Wales and a few enclaves in the west.

The research is all very scientific, based on high-tech computer modeling, doubtless with blinking lights and beeping beepers. It’s not something that would have been news to the Britons, though. They knew what they were facing: not just conquest, but annihilation.

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  1. Maureen Says:

    I think it’s fair to mention that scholars are very doubtful about this whole “apartheid-like” thing.

    The economic advantages, plus the traditional Nordic and Germanic habit of having free females own the house, wagon, farm, etc. while their husbands owned the more mobile wealth, would tend to discourage male intermarriage with slave women, who didn’t own anything useful and couldn’t give a free man a home. (I suspect that brawny male relatives discouraged free women from marrying slave men.)

    However, given that Cheddar Man’s descendants still live in Cheddar, I’m thinking that “all the native Britons fled and faded away” is saying a bit much.

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