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Conversations with Mary Magdalene

Sometimes an idea for one of these little essays just falls into my lap. Other times I have to walk three paces to a bulletin board.

The latter is what happened this afternoon at the Whole Foods supermarket in East Liberty, an East End neighborhood of Pittsburgh. There I was, eating one of those giant muffins made with only the finest organic saturated fats, when the words “CONVERSATIONS WITH MARY MAGDALENE” caught my eye.

“Mary Magdalene’s story today represents the restoring of the Holy Grail—the Sacred Feminine—to a masculinized world long out of balance.

“Along with her, ordinary women—like you—are answering the call to be Grail-carriers, carrying the healing grace of the feminine back into the world.”

Well, so far it’s pretty ho-hum stuff. I’ve already had plenty to say about the Sacred Feminine, and why I’m wholeheartedly in favor of it.

But there’s more. Are you ready to “experience guided, imaginary conversations with Mary Magdalene”?

I am. An imaginary conversation with Mary Magdalene is right up my street. It’s the “guided” part I worry about, because the “Circle Facilitator” is “a licensed psychotherapist and workshop leader with a private practice in Regent Square.” It strikes me as a possible conflict of interest to have a psychotherapist telling Mary Magdalene what to say. What if Mary Magdalene wants to talk about the glory of the risen Christ, but the psychotherapist wants to talk about “journeys of empowerment” and “the re-emergence and re-valuing of the Feminine”? I might get pretty impatient with the Circle Facilitator if she kept shouting Mary down like that.

Still, there is something I like in the proposed agenda for the conversations. The facilitator promises to “explore the story of Mary Magdalene as an archetype of the Sacred Feminine.” I think that’s a splendid idea. I wish I could squash my nagging suspicion, however, that the “story” we’re talking about isn’t the history found in the Bible—that, in fact, we’re looking at another outbreak of revisionist paganism.

I also find it interesting that the Circle Facilitator is (in addition to her private practice) Director of the YWCA Women’s Counseling Center. I seem to recall that the letters YWCA stood for something interesting: “Young Women’s Chromatic Association,” or “Young Women’s Cantilevered Association,” or something like that. It’s just on the tip of my tongue.

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