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Harry Potter and other satanic literature

Is everybody ready for Harry Potter? Everyone I know is. Some of them are getting out their violet wizard cloaks, and some of them are getting out their protest signs. I know all kinds of people.

I’m not doing either, but I probably have more sympathy with the violet-wizard-cloak crowd. I love good fantasy—that’s why I’ve spent so much time with the best medieval romances, after all. And Harry Potter is good fantasy. J. K. Rowling deserves her success. I understand she’s richer than the Queen of England. Good for her. For once in the history of capitalism, talent is rewarded with money.

Having said all that, I can see the other side—the protest-sign side. It’s true that there’s a lot of interest these days in “Wicca,” the teenage-girl religion made up out of tiny scraps of ancient magical lore and great chunks of bad television. (Right now thousands of teenage girls are casting curses on me for blaspheming the powers of the earth, but strangely enough that just makes me feel a little like Elijah at Mt. Carmel. Bring it on, girls.) And it’s true that Harry Potter, by making magic such an attractive part of its fictional world, has indirectly lured a lot of young people toward those who would promise to make that magic real.

For what it’s worth, I don’t think that’s the books’ fault. For every one soul lured toward the darkness by Harry Potter, ten are lured toward the darkness by the Bible. After all, the Bible is Satan’s favorite book. Satan can quote Scripture better than anyone. Well, almost anyone.

Right now, while you’re reading this, someone calling himself an “evangelist” (John might call him an “antichrist”) is twisting the meaning of some Bible verse to bilk some poor widow out of her last mite. And how about those satanic cults we hear so much about: where did they learn about Satan, anyway?

None of that is the Bible’s fault. It’s the fault of sinful humans who read the Bible but miss the message.

Now, I’m not comparing Harry Potter to the Bible, but I don’t think Harry Potter is to blame for leading young people astray. Magic, after all, is never really the point of a Harry Potter story. In the end, it’s always good old-fashioned virtues like loyalty, courage, and friendship that win the day. If you miss that message, it’s not the fault of the story.

I bring all this up partly because everyone is thinking about Harry Potter anyway, but also because the same accusations made against Harry Potter can be made against my favorite stories, too. The Arthurian romances are full of violence, adultery, treachery, and—of course—magic. And there are plenty of people who have been drawn to the dark side of the Arthurian world. Is that the fault of Walter Map? No; not even of Thomas Malory, whose version underlies most of what has been written about Arthur in English since his time. It’s the fault of fallen human nature. Even when we’re presented with a clear allegory of our own sin and a road map of the way out of it, we can still ignore the obvious and keep on sinning. Whether it’s Harry Potter or Lancelot or the Bible, every good book can be an occasion of sin. But keep on reading anyway. Every good book can also be an occasion of virtue, if you bring a little virtue to the reading.

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  2. Pauli Says:

    True dat, double true!

  3. KMD Says:

    What?? Harry Potter? You are the antichrist? Good Grief what took you so long? I’ve been waiting for centuries. (20 of them in fact) We must meet and make plans before these foolish Christians destroy the earth completely. They now have some really exotic weapons, you know. Some capable of destroying the earth itself. We must act quickly, we do not have much time.

  4. Len Says:

    The Satanic “S” represents a lightning bolt that means “Destroyer”.Worn to have power over others. Also was worn by the feared SS of Nazi Germany. and if you look at Harry potters “scar” it just happens to be a lightning bolt. Oh how subtle Satan is!

  5. Pauli Says:

    Of course Satan is subtle; subtle, after all begins with an S. The word “school” also begins with a Satanic “S”, that’s why I dropped out.

    There are many connections between Harry Potter and the holocaust, trains, brooms, good versus evil, etc. Hitler also had a magic wand in his right hand when he raised it, but it was invisible. Harry Potter’s glasses were made in Germany by enslaved Gypsies. (I just made that last part up myself.)

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