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Holy Grail of lithiated nickel-manganese-cobalt oxide

Curiously enough the words “Holy Grail” don’t appear in the article itself, but the front-page teaser for this article from The Register asks “Holy Grail of laptop power packs found?”

Actually, the capacity is increased by 20 to 30% and the battery doesn’t decay quite as fast. Hardly what I’d call Grail material. To me, the Holy Grail of laptop batteries would be one that manages to charge itself from the air around you and makes a good cup of tea while it’s at it.

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  1. newspaceman Says:

    you are a cock, no?

  2. Marty Sasser Says:

    As many people pointed out, romance was never one of Bakuman’s powerful points. Gratefully the romance is kept to a minimal and Moshiro and Azuki’s relationship is a source of motivation for them to succeed, although I believe it is also a source of impediment.

  3. Jane Says:

    AFAIC that’s the best ansewr so far!

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