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Mike Aquilina’s new book

Just in case you haven’t heard the blasting of trumpets and the beating of tympani, Mike Aquilina has a new book out called The Resilient Church. That’s what the publisher decided to call it. I had suggested We’re All Rubber and You’re All Glue, but apparently the marketers toned down my suggestion a bit.

But “resilient” seems like exactly the right word, now that I’ve had a chance to think it over calmly. The Church always bounces back. Christianity has been through some dark times in the past twenty centuries, but the Christian Church has always emerged from the darkness and flourished. Even the Church’s worst enemies–our own sinful selves–haven’t been able to kill it.

That’s what Mike’s new book is about. Without sentimentalizing history,  Mike shows us how even the darkest times brought forth holy men and women who risked everything to hold up a lamp in the darkness.
These days almost every day brings a new headline that sounds something like “Latest Scandal Will Scuttle Christianity for Good.” And the next day there are always more Christians in the world than there were the day before. The Church grows and thrives, in spite of the fondest wishes of the pundits. A disinterested outside observer might almost be forgiven for thinking there must be something supernatural about it.

Speaking of books, don’t forget that The Grail Code is still on sale until May 27. After that, you’ll have to pay full price–which is still a bargain for a life-changing experience, but why not get a head start on changing you life and save 30% at the same time?

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    I just got this in the mail from the publisher the other day, and am looking forward to reading it. Also thinking of using it with my teen in our homeschool next year.

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