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Not guilty

So the Templars–according to the new information that’s just come to light–were found not guilty of heresy, but guilty of parking in a loading zone or something. The Knights Templar, as everyone who has suffered through The Da Vinci Code knows, are often said to have been custodians of the Holy Grail. “Disentangling fact and fiction about them is difficult,” says the BBC, somehow failing to add that most of the difficulty comes from peddlers of fiction passing off their wares as fact.

But it will be a bit less difficult now that the Chinon Parchment is published. Granted, it’s in a limited-edition facsimile that’s worth more than my car, but it’s still out there now. This is exciting news for historians, but not necessarily for the peddlers of fiction. Oh, who am I kidding? They’re probably already writing new books about how the Chinon Parchemt proves everything they’ve ever said about Mary Magdalene and the little green men from the flying cigars.

Still, it’s always exciting when an important historical document comes to light. For centuries it was miscatalogued, lost in a box somewhere in the Vatican’s secret archive. I have the same problem with my books, so I sympathize with the archivists. It’s not easy keeping track of twenty years or so of accumulation. I can imagine what a mess it must be after you’ve been collecting books for twenty centuries.

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