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O Código Graal

When life creeps up on you, it’s usually planning on bonking you with a lead pipe. But every once in a while, the surprise is a pleasant one. Just five minutes ago, the mailman dropped off a copy of O Código Graal, which is The Grail Code in Brazilian Portuguese. I wasn’t even aware that we had sold Brazilian rights. I’m happy, though: Brazil (population about 183 million) is by far the biggest nation our book has invaded outside the United States. I’m also happy to say that our invasions have been completely peaceful. We were, in fact, welcomed as liberators.

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  1. AJM Says:

    I’m gonna hire you as my propagandist. When I make my move.

  2. Tracen Says:

    I’m impressed! You’ve managed the almost ismposbile.

  3. fdcwepo Says:

    Q4R0Uy oylduskofxys

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