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Round Table in the news

The Round Table is in the news: in fact, it’s being called “one of our most significant ever archaeological finds.” Of course, it’s not quite Arthur’s Round Table, and it didn’t quite start the legends of Arthur’s Round Table (Wace preceded Edward III by a couple of centuries).  But still what makes it news is not Edward III, fascinating character though he is, but Arthur.

Which brings us conveniently back to the Round Table, where we left off, and I promise that I’ll have something to say about that very soon.

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  1. Maureen Says:

    Now that the Grail’s been on Stargate SG1 (as the Sangraal, Merlin’s secret _weapons system!_), you might want to post some comments. (The episode was “The Quest, Part I”.)

    Personally, I found the idea of casting Daniel as Galahad pretty funny. As was his final comment when it stayed a red light instead of a stone and he was unable to pick it up — “I guess I’m not as pure of heart as you thought.”

    Some slightly outdated info from earlier in the season:

  2. Liz Diaz Says:


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