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This simply prodigy!

Every once in a while I check out the spam comments to make sure nothing legitimate has been excluded. For some reason, our automatic spam blocker stopped this perfectly delightful comment:

The Regard! The Excellent forum! Thank you! This simply prodigy! I am glad to find this forum! So interesting there was that I fell asleep…

Yes, a lot of people have said the same thing, but not in such delightful words. And not accompanied with so much helpful information on where to obtain certain prescription medications without the bother of making an appointment with a doctor.

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  1. Stephen Says:

    I suppose it would be a complimentary thing to say one fell asleep at the keyboard while reading and reading, not wanting to leave until having finished, irrespective of the hour. I haven’t actually fallen asleep like that anywhere online, but I’ve definitely found myself pressing on bleary-eyedly on occasion. Books are another matter though; many’s the time I’ve lost my place through setting aside the bookmark to read in bed. :-)

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  3. plstcheraat Says:

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  5. Oakley Frogskins Glow In The Dark Says:

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