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Winchester Manuscript of Malory on line

The British Library is promising us something really extraordinary: the unique Winchester Manuscript of Malory’s Arthurian cycle, every page of it, in high-quality photographs on line. Right now only a few sample pages are up, but the whole thing is “coming soon.”

Here, I think, we have a glimpse of the future of the Internet. Think of it: instant access to the treasures of the British Library, the Library of Congress, and every other storehouse of culture, all from your own desk. At last, the Internet is beginning to live up to its potential, just as my high-school teachers were always trying to get me to do.

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  1. silk/Cotton fabric Says:

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  2. AKO Says:

    Smart stuff, I expect reading more.

  3. Amazing Alex Says:

    AAAHHHHHH I love the Thinking Cup! Also, these two are adorable. :)

  4. Mildred Bernick Says:

    I have always wondered what are these ports for! thanks for this!

  5. unternehmer Says:

    Wer sollte dieses neue ebook besitzen?|

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