The Grail Code 


The Grail Code: Quest for the Real Presence is a lucid treatment of the Grail legends, based on real history. It satisfies the hunger that people have for knowledge of this mystery. The true Grail bears witness to a divine gift that exceeds even the deepest human longing. This book is unique and a great read.–Scott Hahn, author of The Lamb’s Supper and Hail Holy Queen

In Western literature, the search for the Holy Grail is a recurring and engaging theme. In whatever form it takes the spiritual overtones are compelling. While many authors have addressed the quest, Mike Aquilina and Christopher Bailey bring a fresh approach. The Grail Code: Quest for the Real Presence is both a good read and an invitation to experience a sense of spiritual journey holding the reader’s imagination in the context of faith.–Most Reverend Donald W. Wuerl, S.T.D., Bishop of Pittsburgh

The Grail Code: Quest for the Real Presence is a much-needed book, immersing the reader in the richness of Grail lore through the ages. The book grounds the legends in their historical and theological context, giving a much-needed corrective to some of the more outlandish and unfortunately popular constructs of the legend we find today.–Amy Welborn, author of De-coding Da Vinci

What is the real meaning of the Holy Grail? Aquilina and Bailey supply the answer in a dazzling mix of scholarship and spiritual insight packaged in highly readable prose. The Grail Code is a learning experience and also a treat.–Russell Shaw, Author and Journalist

Aquilina and Bailey in The Grail Code: Quest for the Real Presence have uncovered the reasons behind the fascination–past and present–over the Holy Grail and its quest. They have accomplished this by doing some real research and finding real “FACTS” about the grail literature of old, unlike some contemporary writers in their more popular books. And more importantly, they have identified the religious significance of this search, for the Christian. A great read for any grail enthusiast!–Rev. T. G. Morrow, STD, author of Christian Courtship in An Oversexed World

What is it about the Holy Grail that’s so beautiful and compelling as to inspire knights, kings, and millions of readers for almost a thousand years? This is the only book that answers the question. Read it and begin your quest. — David Scott, author, The Catholic Passion

This is a compelling meditation on the legend of the Holy Grail and its interplay with Christian spirituality. The book draws on centuries of beliefs about Holy Communion, the history of European literature and changing cultural ideas of love and sin to illuminate why the grail legend became so popular, and how it changed through time. Despite its intellectual sweep, the book is written in an engaging style for the casual reader. This should be a helpful reference for anyone who has been intrigued by The DaVinci Code.–Ann Rodgers, Religion reporter, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The Grail Code: Quest for the Real Presence will tell you, if you let it, what the Narnia stories of C. S. Lewis really are about and why they remain so popular. The genius of the book is this: It dares reveal that the secret of Medieval romance is to be found where it is least expected–in plain sight. The authors . . . have avoided both academic jargon and commercial hype so that contemporary readers may discover, as did the heroes of the old Romantic stories, that the blessing of redemption that they sought in strange and distant lands is to be found in humble, ordinary places everywhere the sacraments of Penance and the Eucharist are celebrated. This is a book that faithful readers of all ages will be enriched by.
–Frank T. Zbozny, Sometime Professor of Medieval English Literature, Duquesne University.

Aquilina and Bailey have produced the indispensable layman’s compendium of all things concerning the Holy Grail. Leave it to clever and disciplined journalists to do what ecclesiastical historians and biblical archaeologists had not: connect the arcane and intractable passage of the Holy Grail to the literary and cultural drama that has gripped our civilization and every soul in it for centuries. The Da Vinci Code is destined for ultimate deconstruction, but The Grail Code: Quest for the Real Presence will undoubtedly long serve seekers on the ageless quest for the vessel of divine blessing or the pathway back to ancient Camelot.–Mark Gruber, OSB

(C) 2006 Mike Aquilina and Christopher Bailey